Grace Debrief 11/26/17

I just finished listening to Dr. Gary’s great message on pain from Sunday’s service. Gary puts a lot of work into his messages, and you can tell it when you hear the sermon. Gary’s talk gives us some great information and practical help for getting a grip on the pain that is inevitable in our...

November 27, 2017July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 11/19/17

When the Bible talks about time, it often emphasizes the urgency in this moment, as if our making a decision, or taking some action, is the most important thing IN THIS MOMENT. “Now is the time.” We have three ways of looking at time, because for us, time is linear. We have the past, the...

November 21, 2017July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 11/12/17

What a great day! We are watching God work at Grace!  So many of you walked out today saying that this message hit you where you live. It did me, too! I’ve inherited my parent’s worrying habit. Only they never admitted to worry – they’d always say, “I’m not worried; just concerned.” That’s because they...

November 13, 2017July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 11/6/17

Today it was our privilege to welcome back Steve and Debbie Miller to Grace. Steve and Debbie are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea. Steve and Debbie told us what they’ve been up to the last three years there, and what God has been doing with the people of this country. If...

November 7, 2017July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 10/29/17

Your bucket list doesn’t mean much if Jesus is on his way today. In fact, all of the times of our lives are altered, re-aligned, and jerked over when we factor what we know and believe about the future. Our to-do lists blow up in light of Jesus’ return. We refer to that event as...

November 1, 2017July 9, 2020by