Grace Debrief 2/25/18

We don’t appreciate pity. “I don’t want your pity” is a statement against pretend concern. We don’t like it when someone looks down on us, thinks we are weak, and feels sorry for us because we don’t have our act together. That kind of pity is something we avoid. But we dare not avoid the...

February 26, 2018July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 2/18/18

In Jonah 4 we get to the heart of the matter. Jonah is angry – very angry – that God decided to pull back on his threats to Nineveh. Jonah wanted God to let them have it. But he knew God was compassionate and merciful, and he just KNEW! that God would change his mind...

February 21, 2018July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 2/11/18

Jonah finally decided he’d had enough storms and enough time in the belly of a fish. So, when God came to him a second time, telling him again to go to Nineveh and preach against the city, Jonah did it. Jonah preached as he walked the city. He preached the prophetic message that God would...

February 13, 2018July 9, 2020by