Grace Debrief 1/27/19

As parents, we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that our job – our most important task – is to say NO! After all, the world we live in seems so full of wickedness, and our kids are exposed to such strong temptation, and we know that Satan would just love for us to...

January 29, 2019July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 1/20/19

In his three years of ministry as a man, Jesus gave abundant evidence that, in a culture where children were less-than important, he considered them valuable as people – real people. Just the number of times Jesus chose to heal children says a lot. And several times, Jesus used kids to show what real disciples...

January 22, 2019July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 1/13/19

Whatever we think about God will have a great deal to do with how we parent our kids and how we deal with children in general. God often refers to himself as our Father, and we are even encouraged to call him Daddy. We are called his children, and his actions toward us are those...

January 15, 2019July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 1/6/19

Well, this is not how I wanted to start the year. I sit here typing while worship at Grace goes on without me. I can’t remember the last time I “called in sick,” but believe me, you didn’t want me blubbering and coughing and sneezing and hacking all over the place. My biggest loss was...

January 7, 2019July 9, 2020by