Grace Debrief 11/17/19

In our series, “The D-Word,” we’ve covered the who, what, when, and where of death and dying. Next Sunday will be our last in the series, and we’ll talk about why we die. Today we discussed the “how” part. Physically, the “how” part is really pretty straightforward: it doesn’t really matter what the disease or...

November 20, 2019July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 11/10/19

If you could choose where you will take your last breath, where would it be? Most of us – about 80% – would choose to die at home. Only 20% actually see that happen. Most people pass away in a hospital. I strongly urge people to discuss these issues with your family, especially a discussion...

November 12, 2019July 9, 2020by

Grace Debrief 11/3/19

We had a wonderful service of kinship on Sunday. Great singing (love those hymns!). Good time of sharing and praying together. Communion and Grace Grub. During the service, we talked about how each of is, as Jesus said, “the light of the world.” That’s pretty significant. He went on to say that when we gather...

November 5, 2019July 9, 2020by