I hope you were able to do some real celebrating, in spite – AND I DO MEAN SPITE! – of the circumstances.

Speaking of spite – I also hope you were able to join us – live or later – for our Resurrection Celebration online – in spite of my mistake of posting the live stream on my own personal page rather than on the church page. I’m still learning how to pull this off. It’s there now, or you can find it at these links: Part One, Rebecca’s Song, Part Two. If you don’t click on anything else, YOU MUST WATCH BECCA’S SONG! Rebecca Wise wrote and performed an original song, doing all instruments and vocals, and putting it all together in a moving video presentation! It is phenomenal. It will reacquaint you with the Risen Christ!

This week I’ll be doing Zoom Group Video Chats on four occasions – Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm, Thursday morning at 7:30 am, Thursday mid-day at 11:30 am, and Thursday evening at 7:30 pm. You can find the info you need for each chat below.

Next Sunday we’ll be starting a new series that will help us with a Biblical approach to moving into whatever “normal” might look like in the coming weeks and months. Ramping Up for the New Normal will be a seven-part exploration of how the disciples of Jesus dealt with the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. We’ll take a look at how they – and how we – transition to a new set of circumstances that we’ve never faced before. Here are the topics for each week:

1. Trusting His Love – April 19
2. Confronting Hidden Fear – April 26
3. Being Honest About The New You – May 3
4. The First Time You Touch Again – May 10
5. The Critical Decision: Love It or Leave It – May 17
6. Empowered To Serve – May 24
7. Soaring Into God’s Future – May 31

I hope you’ll share this information with other people – because we ALL need to think about these things. I WILL SEND OUT A SEPARATE EMAIL REGARDING THE SERIES FOR YOU TO FORWARD TO FRIENDS. I also ask you to please share the Facebook posts about the series. Let’s get the word out.

Of course for the next weeks, the series will be on live-stream Facebook, and then later that day on Vimeo. I fervently pray that at some time during the series, we will be able to safely return to our physical location on Bay and Amelith Road to worship together! But if not, we will worship as best we can, with the most energy we can, for as long as we need.

I pray for you all daily. I hope you’ll pray for me, too. Soon we will worship like we’ve never worshiped before – in person and full of Spirit! Till then, love to you all.