Were you able to get in on our live stream yesterday? If so, you know what is most needed as we ramp up to the new normal. And you also know how we are able to access what we need. If you didn’t get a chance to see the message yesterday, check it out here on YouTube: https://youtu.be/gPlYsH9btjk

Next Sunday we’ll continue our series that will help us with a Biblical approach to moving into whatever “normal” might look like in the coming weeks and months. Ramping Up to the New Normal: Confronting Hidden Fear  will take a look under the veneer of stability and normalcy to identify scary things that may be lurking in the room of anxiety that we harbor in our hearts. And we’ll learn how to face off with those fears as we move ahead. In the coming weeks, here are the other topics we’ll be considering:

  • Confronting Hidden Fear – April 26

  • Being Honest About The New You – May 3

  • The First Time You Touch Again – May 10

  • The Critical Decision: Love It or Leave It – May 17

  • Empowered To Serve – May 24

  • Soaring Into God’s Future – May 31