Hi everyone! I’m praying for you! I miss seeing you! I can’t wait until we can worship together again!

Yesterday’s “service” was a little different. I recorded it in bits and pieces ahead of time, put it all together in one video, then featured it as a “premiere” on Facebook, which means it acts just like a live-stream and allows for interactions in real time. It was a little rough, but hey! – by the time this is all over I may have it down pat! 

The important thing is that God was able to use it to speak to your hidden fears. I’m convinced we all have them – even those of us who seem the strongest, the most resilient, the most “together.” In face, I think sometimes the “all-together” folks have more of a struggle with the buried fear than others.

If you missed the service, or would like to see it again or even pass it along to someone, here’s the link: Ramping Up to the New Normal – Confronting Hidden Fears.

This is the road map of where we’re going with this series in the coming weeks:

Being Honest About The New You – May 3

The First Time You Touch Again – May 10

The Critical Decision: Love It or Leave It – May 17

Empowered To Serve – May 24

Soaring Into God’s Future – May 31

We won’t be able to meet together on Mothers’ Day, but we’d still like to honor moms. If you would get me a picture of your mom, we’ll include it in our “service” that day online. You can send it email, or in a Facebook message, or a text at 989-493-4177.

The Leadership Team is discussing how and when we will be able to meet for worship in the building again. We assume there will be some guidelines and protocols which we will need to follow, but we’ll keep you informed as we go along.