Eleven Things To Know Before You Visit Grace

Planning on dropping in for a service & you have no idea what to expect?

Here are some things that will help put your mind at ease

  • Attire

    We don’t dress to impress. Feel free to wear what’s comfy.

  • Refreshments

    If you want a shot at the really good donuts, get here early.

  • Service

    We keep it simple. We have one service, on one day, at one location, with one pastor. (10:00 on Sunday. And his name is Ron).

  • Information

    If you don’t want to give us your contact info, you don’t have to. We won’t even ask until you’ve been here a few weeks.

  • Kids Church

    We’ve got Kids’ Church (Kindergarten thru 4th grade) that starts half way through the service. Just listen for the announcement and watch for the kids exiting the room.

  • Giving

    We don’t pass a plate, or a hat, or one of those little bags on a pole. Feel free to leave your money in your wallet.

  • More Refreshments

    Did we mention the donuts? You can also get a toasted bagel, coffee, and orange juice before the service.

  • Service Length

    Our services are about an hour and fifteen minutes long, unless Ron starts talking about his grandson.

  • Singing

    We usually stand while we sing, but you can sit if you want.

  • Band

    Our Grace Band usually starts cranking up the worship at 9:55 am. and they are really good.

Come check it out this Sunday.