Could you be the right fit to lead our fellowship?

Are you interested in leading a fellowship that provides a safe harbor for people and wants to strive to be the place where Jesus comes first?

Vision of Grace Christian Fellowship:  Loving God, loving people, figuring it out together.

Mission of Grace Christian Fellowship: To love God, love people, and keep what we do as a church simple and uncluttered, fresh and relevant, real and honest.

Personal Qualities applicant should possess:

  • A drive and passion to succeed, industriousness.

  • Self-motivated, and self- directing. Desire to make changes, big and small (this will be necessary).

  • An eager willingness to move GCF forward in our purpose in the Kingdom of God.

  • A wholehearted commitment to Jesus Christ and Grace Christian Fellowship.

  • An agreement with and enthusiasm about our vision and core values of relevance, truth, authenticity.

  • Strong communication abilities.

  • A commitment to honor, respect and challenge all members and ministries while maintaining and encouraging a strong spirit of teamwork.

  • A history of a very positive influence in the church and community.

  • Good conflict resolution skills.

  • A history of and intention to maintain a spirit of unity with leadership.

  • A track record and evidence of very active ministry involvement.

  • A track record and evidence of leading others in a positive way.

  • A track record of supporting the church financially at a respectable degree.

  • An awareness of his/her own personality (strengths and weaknesses)

Education: MDiv. preferred

Major Ministry Responsibilities and Duties:

Overall ministry perspective. Serve Grace Christian Fellowship as a whole. Understand that your first calling is to serve the whole church, followed by serving in our specific ministry areas.

Area 1-Sermon and Worship Service

Description of work involved: Sermon development through reading, prayer, etc. Organizing persons for service: prayer, announcements, worship music, bulletin, communion, audio visual, practice runs, sound run-throughs, etc. (whatever needs to be accomplished to have a polished, attractive service)

Area 2-Small groups

Description of work involved: Small groups need to be implemented in our ministry–up and running by January 2021. Establish leaders and topics through whatever means useful to accomplish this task.

Area 3-Youth and Young Adults

Description of work involved: These areas also need to be developed. Work diligently toward the development of a mid-week or Sunday evening meeting time. Either lead or find leaders who will minister to the needs of those different age groups with the teaching of the Word of God, prayer, and fellowship. If not leading, work with the leaders to encourage, and facilitate the growth of ministry. For youth, organization and actual ministry should begin as soon as possible

Area 4- Community outreach

Description of work involved: Community outreach must be considered a priority. The congregation and members should be presented with the importance of this aspect of church life and be challenged to contribute to the work necessary to accomplish it. Develop two or three distinct Community outreaches through teamwork with members of the congregation. These outreaches should reflect the needs of our community and should utilize the gifts and talents of our congregation. Pastor would be expected to be the person who would ultimately be responsible for mobilizing our congregation into this area of work until a time which we would mature to the point of someone else taking the lead.

Compensation: This will vary depending upon the individual. Full-time—45- 50 hours per week, annual salary (based upon experience, credentials, etc.). Exempt status. Benefits include health insurance, paid vacations, retirement, etc.  Dollar range: $39,000-$48,000.  Compensation is reflective of ministry to approximately 46 members and a fluctuating number of other congregants.

Note: Grace Christian Fellowship is very sad to say goodbye to our current pastor who is retiring in October, 2020. We love him and will miss him and his family very much. However, we are looking forward to renewed innovation, drive and the joy that the new roads we will be traveling with our next pastor will bring us. We are eager to move forward!